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Construction Tips and "How To's"



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Building a Near Exact Power Pack Replica

PVC Wrists

Neon & Audio Circuits

Scratch Building the Power Pack Decals

Attaching Screws inside the Torso

Making LED Incandescent Bulbs

Homebrew Light Flasher Circuit

Soil Sampler Details

Wood Claw Construction

Wiring the Neon

Speaker Mounting

Sensor/Holder Construction

Lifter Support

Collar Construction

Homemade Torso #1

Homemade Torso #2

Homemade Torso Mold

Programming Unit

Lifter Casting

Tread Casting

Rubber Leg Casting

Leg Mold Making

Claw-wrist Assembly

Leg/Knee Support

Brain Light Rods

Claw Mold Making

Chest Bezel & Buttons

Brain Construction

Brain Motorization

Texturing the Torso

LED Brain Construction

Rubber Leg Support #1

Rubber Leg Support #2

Inexpensive Treads

Radio Control Torso

Radar Construction #1

Radar Construction #2

Brain Cup Diagram

Motorizing the Sensors #1

Motorizing the Sensors #2

Leg Gasket

Ear Attachment

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