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Power Pack Decals


By Mark W (B9-0135)

Scratchbuilding the Power Pack Decals

This is easy to do!  There are several decal products available, but I used the following because they were available from my local hobby shop:

Testors Custom Decal System (no. 9198) $6.99   
     Testors Decals Sheets (no. 9201) $7.99
     Testors Decal Bonder Spray (no. 9200) $3.29

Here are the steps:

1)  Create the decal pattern.  I used Microsoft Word drawing tools to create the patterns.  Make your own, or download my revised Microsoft Word File.

2)  Print out the pattern on decal sheets using an inkjet or laser printer and allow to dry thoroughy.

3)  Bond/seal the ink using the Decal Bonder spray and allow to dry according to manufacturer instructions.

4)  After bonder coat is dry, paint a small amount of water on one of the box lines and rub with the paintbrush.  If image smears or flakes, dry decal sheet and repeat step 3.

5)  Apply to the components and frame.  Download my revised file for decal placement.

6)  Seal with a clear coat if the power pack will be handled a lot.  A semi-gloss coating over the entire pack will seal the decals as well as the copper tracings.  Always test your clear coat over a scrap piece painted with the same paint that you used to coat the power pack.  Mixing paint types can cause disastrous results!

7)  Admire your work!


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