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Robot Reference Info

The Robot reference information in this section provides a wide variety of information to aid in the construction of your robot.

We strongly recommend you join the The B9 Robot Builders Club Facebook Group. This Group is specifically for people wanting to share information and ideas on building the B9 robot. You will find many knowledgeable and helpful people here.

For more information on joining the B9 Robot Builders Club visit our "Join Now" Page Here: Join Now!

Enjoy, you're in for the experience of your life!

Blueprints (Sketches and Downloads):

Club Standard Online Blueprints - These are the latest and most accreate blueprints available to this date
Legacy Blueprints & Dimensional Info - Beware! Most of the dimensions in these old drawings are out of date and not quite accurate.

Who Made That Torso??

Screen Grabs and Promo Pics:

Publicity Photos - Full Shots
Publicity Photos - Component Details

Screen Grabs - Season One
Screen Grabs - Season Two
Screen Grabs - Season Three

Legacy B9 Web Sites:

B9Creations (Original Site)




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