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Useful Links for robot parts & building resources

Robot Building Parts

McMaster-Carr - Your best source for fasteners, raw materials, etc. If they don't have it, it probably doesn't exist.

ServoCity - Fantastic source for robotic building supplies, servos, mounts and motors. 

The Robot MarketPlace - Great source for Motors of all sizes and all other robotic building needs. 

RobotShop - Great source all things robotic. One stop shopping. 

The Electronic Goldmine - Electronic and robotic items. 

Jameco - The Robot Store -  Supplies for your robotic projects.

Marlin P. Jones - Motors, Power Supplies, Electronic and robotic items. 

Robot Building Resources

Monster Makers -  Various modeling supplies, casting resins, and molding materials.

Bare Metal Foil -  Various modeling supplies, casting resins, and molding materials.

Studio Creations - "How To" for costume and prop making.

Smooth-On -  Molding making and casting materials.

Robot Books -  Robotic books.

Robot Science & Technology Magazine  Online - A hardcopy magazine devoted to robotics and robot building.

CultTVMan's Fantastic Modeling - Great Model building site.

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