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Component details scanned from Publicity Photos


These three shots are of unknown origin but I believe them to be of the original Hero Robot, probably taken after the "Mystery Island" show.


These excellent hi-res publicity photo scans were taken from BillK's B-9 Reference DVD.  
The DVD contains much greater detail then can be stored on-line.  It's a must have item!

Click on a thumbnail to enlarge.

01_bubble01 01_bubble02 01_bubble03 02_crown01 02_crown02 02_crown03 03_brain01 03_brain02 03_brain03 03_brain04 03_brain05 03_brain06 03_brain07 04_eye01 04_eye02 05_lightrod01 05_lightrod02 05_lightrod03 06_braincup01 07_bubblelifter01 07_bubblelifter02 08_radar01 08_radar02 08_radar03 09_ear01 09_ear02 09_ear03 09_ear04 10_collar01 10_collar02 10_collar03 10_collar04 10_collar05 10_collar06 11_torso01 11_torso02 11_torso03 11_torso04 11_torso05 11_torso06 12_torsohook01 12_torsohook02 12_torsohook03 12_torsohook04 13_neon01 13_neon02 13_neon03 14_chest01 14_chest02 14_chest03 14_chest04 14_chest05 14_chest06 14_chest07 15_progbay01 15_progbay02 15_progbay03 16_torsoknob01 16_torsoknob02 16_torsoknob03 16_torsoknob04 17_microphone01 17_microphone02 17_microphone03 18_arm01 18_arm02 18_arm03 18_arm04 19_wrist01 19_wrist02 19_wrist03 19_wrist04 20_claw01 20_claw02 20_claw03 20_claw04 20_claw05 20_claw06 20_claw07 20_claw08 21_powerpack01 21_powerpack02 21_powerpack03 22_sidevents01 22_sidevents02 22_sidevents03 23_donut01 23_donut02 23_donut03 23_donut04 24_leg01 24_leg02 24_leg03 24_leg04 25_knee01 25_knee02 25_knee03 25_knee04 26_treadsection01 26_treadsection02 26_treadsection03 26_treadsection04 27_sidepanel01 27_sidepanel02 27_sidepanel03 27_sidepanel04 28_soilsampledoor01 28_soilsampledoor02 29_treadswheels01 29_treadswheels02 29_treadswheels03 29_treadswheels04 29_treadswheels05 jquery lightbox google mapby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

Additional Reference Shots provided by club members.

Torso hook - From CraigR.

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