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Member Scrap Books, Journals & Stories

Here you will find a collection of stories, photos and journals submitted by members to document their building experience.

B9-0002  Mike J.  2nd Robot Journal: 2004
                           1st Robot Journal: 2000-2001
                           Mini Jupiter 2 Clubhouse Journal: 2002

B9-0003  Thomas A .  Robot Updates

B9-0028 Darrell T.  Robot Notes

B9-0032  Craig R.  Memories    Tread Sections     Librascope Power Pack Restoration

B9-0058  Scott S.  Ear Posts & Crowns    Light Rods & Wrists    Arms & Treads     Soil Sampler

B9-0066  Brian T.  Construction Photos

B9-0100  Larry S .  Larryland B9 Robot Scrapbook

B9-0102  Steve B.  Robot Scrapbook

B9-0109  Greg L.  The "B9Greg" Files

B9-0126  Frank T.  Frank T. Memories & Photos

B9-0135  Mark W.  Mark W. Scratch Builder! - Photos

B9-0156 Joe N.  Joe's Robot Project Scrapbook - Photos

B9-0169 Brian C.  Brian's Robot Project - Photos

B9-0181  Mike L.  Mike L. - Scratch Built Metal Torso! - Photos

B9-0203  Paul F.  Paul F. Building Photos

B9-0214 Robert & Lidia S.  Robert & Lidia Building Photos

B9-0259  Charlie G.  B9 Leo Project

B9-0262  David H . David H. - David's Robot

B9-0268  Brad C.  Brad C. Project in Motion

B9-0272  Scott M. Scott M. - Scott's Robot

B9-0296 Ricardo F. Ricardo's Robots

B9-0301  Tom J.  Tom's B9 Project

B9-0313  Thomas M.  The B9 Project

B9-0321  Jeff J .  Jeff's B9 Project

B9-0327 Jim C.  Jim's B9 Project

B9-0381 Jerry C.  Jerry's B9 Blog

B9-0410 Tom B.  Tom's B9 Project

B9-0416 Bob C.  Bob's B9 Project

B9-0424 Bob R.  Bob's "Big D" B9 Project

B9-0429 Mike B.  Mike's B9 Project

B9-0478 Steve S. Steve's B9 Project

B9-0559 Dwight B. Dwight's B9 Project

B9-0580 Tony D. Tony's B9 Project

B9-0614 Blaise S. Blaise' B9 Project

B9-0615 Lawrence T. Lawrence T's B9

B9-0689 Matt P. Matt P's Tribute


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