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Fred Barton

Email  tobor1701@earthlink.net

Vendor since: July 12th, 2003              

Shipping/insurance not included. Delivery times may vary. Typical shipment 6 – 8 weeks unless otherwise arranged.

All parts are custom made to order and not massed produced.  Pieces are available on a per-part basis.  The fiberglass fabrication is produced by an exclusive industrial theme-park fabricating house, whose fiber-glassing standards and finish workmanship are substantially higher than those employed by the typical fiberglass chop shop.  Parts are unfinished unless otherwise noted.  Electronics, lights, buttons and switches are commercially available and not offered for sale.  No mounting hardware, painting materials and/or fasteners are provided.  No blueprints, wiring schematics, measurements or templates are available through this offer.  No mechanisms/motors are provided or offered unless otherwise stated.  Instructions not included.  ALL SALES FINAL.  RMA available for items damaged in shipping for repair or replacement, only.

Send a SASE and you will receive a new, vintage 3” programming-bay tape reel for FREE!


Bubble & Bottom Plate

Price $330

Professionally manufactured out of the highest clarity aircraft quality acrylic.  Uniform thickness.  Perfect pop-top shape.  Amazing transparency.  No mounting holes.  Simply flawless, Curved lower plate with pre-cut hole included.




Compete Brain

Price $1350

Origin – Original Background ("stunt") Robot Tracing.  Complete unit – Stationary rods, lights, cone.  Painted.  Includes 12VDC motorized spinner and amber blinky lights.





Price $650

Thermoformed acrylic.  Can be used for a costume or animatronic construction.  Hand-made.  Limited Edition of 10.  Aluminum torso fasteners and internal black camouflage mesh not included.






Radar with Ear Posts

Price $220

Fiberglass.  Ears are urethane,  molded from background robot.  Motors not included.  Ears are unattached.





Price $1000

Origin – Retooled from original background ("stunt") robot.  Professionally manufactured – Fiberglass all panels cut-out, holes drilled, sanded and primed.  Texture look/primed offered at no charge.  Free mounted urethane torso hooks included.  Must request texturing at time of order.





Price $75

Molded from Original background ("stunt") robot.  Trimming is required.





Neon with Backplate

Price $350

Origin – Redesigned from original background ("stunt") robot.  One piece configuration.  8mm glass rod Argon Neon Gas.  Original back-plate included.  Requires 7,600V @30mA or greater. (Not included.)







Arm, Wrist & Claw

Price $600

Fiberglass from Fox blues and wrists molded from background robot.  Fully retracted position only.  No movement.  Will not decay or rip like latex rubber.






Price $189

Origin – Fox Blue prints.  Hollow fiberglass.






Legs (Vintage)

Price $2500

Origin –1966 Vintage Background ("stunt") robot.  Retooled.  Professionally manufactured Fiberglass.






Legs (Reproduciton)

Price $850

Origin - reproduction.  Background robot configuration.  Professionally manufactured – Fiberglass.






Knees (Vintage)

Price $950

Origin – Original background ("stunt") robot.  Professionally manufactured and retooled. – Fiberglass.  Right side of photo.





Knees (Reproduciton)

Price $500

Origin – reproduction from Fox Blue Print.  Professionally manufactured – Fiberglass.  Left side of photos.







Price $800

Origin – reproduction.  From Fox Blue Prints.  High density MDF wood.  Comes with vacuum formed side plates molded from background robot.  Free Knee Hinges.  Predrilled axle holes.





Price Aluminum $900,
Urethane $450

Origin – reproduction.  Complete set only.  Urethane or CNC polished aluminum from Fox Blue Prints. Aluminum pictured.



Tread Belts

Price $450

Origin – reproduction.  For non-moving display only.  Extruded windshield rubber.  Dado grooved.  Highest quality.  Complete set only.






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