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The 12 small belly lights - Sockets, bulbs & lens.



You can visit Allied Electronics, Inc at:  or call them.  They'll send a nice catalog.

Dome Color Part Number Allied Stock Number Price Each
Transparent Red 30110 937-6225 $0.51
Transparent Amber 30111 937-6221 $0.69
Transparent Green 30112 937-6224 $0.69
Transparent Blue 30113 937-6222 $0.75
Transparent Yellow 30114 937-6227 $0.69
Transparent Clear 30116 937-6223 $0.69
Translucent Yellow 30131 937-6237 $0.55

I ordered 3 of each of the six transparent lens type (18 total, so I can mix and match as desired).
I ordered 1 of the translucent yellow lens for the programming bay.

I ordered 2 packs of the lamps.  These are cheap, but don't flash.  I plan to have all computer controlled lights anyways.

I ordered 13 of the bases (12 for the belly lights and one for the programming  area).
  Pilot Bases #31099 (Allied Stock No. 937-6154  $4.29 each)

T-3 1/4 Miniature Bayonet Lamps #755 (Allied Stock No. 937-7355 $7.56/pk of 10)

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