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Robert Rossi

Email  davros.dalek@gmail.com

Vendor since: February 14th, 2018              


PLEASE READ - Notice to my fellow Builders

Lead time for some parts:

Some parts may require a wait of up to 2 weeks, I do not accept or request any payment until all parts are ready to ship.


  • Shipping and Handling is extra and will be added to each order.


  • I do not accept any payment until parts are ready to ship.
  • Checks and Money Orders are accepted but personal checks must clear before I can ship.
  • I accept PayPal, however if you choose to use PayPal, you agree to cover the fees on orders of $100 or more.
  • I also accept Bitcoin. I'll arrange payment at the time of sale through email correspondence. I'll give the conversion rate at the time of sale.


  • Please understand that all sales are final.
  • In purchasing any of the items below, you are agreeing that I (Robert Rossi) am in no way held responsible for personal harm or any damages due to the use or misuse of purchased merchandise.
  • By placing an order, you are agreeing to all of the above.



Claws & Wrists Center
Dimensionally Accurate!

The above Pic shows what you could have after you complete finishing and painting.
Comes unfinished and unpainted.
Your results may vary depending on your skills.

The above Pic shows everything that comes in the Non-Motorized Kit.
Comes as shown. You'll have to sand smooth for best results.
Download the finishing and paint guide below

Click on above pics to get bigger pics then zoom in.





The above two pics show the claw and center installed into Vendor Craig Reinbrecht's lightweight fiberglass wrist.
Not included.
My claw and center is designes to fit perfictly into Craig's Wrists. Thanks Craig!!
Click here to go to Craig's Vendor Page: Craig Reinbrecht's Vendor Page



Ordering Options:

Non-Motorized Lightweight Carbon Fiber Robot Claws and Wrist Center Kit
(Pictured above. Servos Not Included)

Price: $299 (plus shipping & handling)

Non-Motorized Claw Kit Includes:
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Right Arm Claw Upper
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Left Arm Claw Upper
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Right Arm Claw Lower
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Left Arm Claw Lower
  • 4 Aluminum High Strength Axles
  • 4 Solid Brass Claw Drive Gears
  • 8 Nylon washers
  • Left and Right Lightweight Carbon Fiber Wrist Center Parts
  • Left and Right Lightweight Carbon Fiber Castle Servo Mount Parts


Servo Gear Kit (Gears only)
(Order this if you are motorizing your claws. Can be ordered later if you are not motorizing claws now)

Price: $39 (plus shipping & handling)

I separated this Servo Gear kit in effort to reduce costs for the builders who are not motorizing their robot claws. I recognized many of you will not be motorizing your robot claws. I wanted to keep the B9 Claw Kit priced low. This SKU0002 Servo Gear Kit contains 2 very expensive special gears. You need to buy this kit if you want to motorize your claws. The 2 gears in this kit interface the servos and the 4 drive gears included in the B9 Claw Kit. Only 1 kit is required per B9 Build. These special gears ONLY fit Hitec Servos. This kit separation arrangement keeps the kit costs relatively low and lets the builder decide if they want to implement the motorized version now or later.

In addition. If you motorize your claws you also need buy two HS-5645MG HiTec Servos (Order 2 servos for your B9 robot). I do not supply the servos for the robot claw kits. They are readily available just about anywhere for different prices. The B9 Claw Kit has been designed to use 2 Hitec Servos. I would suggest going to www.servocity.com. Search for Part Number 35645S or HS-5645MG Servo. They are about 39.99 each at the time of this writing. The people at Servocity are great and customer service is awesome.



My name is Robert Rossi (B9-0694) and a fellow builder at the B9 Robot Builders Club. My profession is an electrical nuclear engineer and I also design assistive technology for people with disabilities. I Love Lost In Space!

I would like to offer my fellow B9 Robot builders my Lightweight Carbon Fiber Robot Claws and Wrist Center Kit. I designed these claws in CAD and 3D printed them on a very specialized Carbon Fiber printer here in my lab. These 3D printed claws are made from the high-quality Carbon Fiber HTPLA. There's lots of talk about 3D printed parts on our club's forum lately. If you have hesitation about the strength of 3D parts let me assure you this; You will have no worries with this kit. To prove this, I placed these claws in my 20-ton hydraulic press and crushed them. They fail around 2100 -2300 PSI. Strong enough for you? I will soon be doing a video showing this test.

Guys, these claws are unbelievably strong and will be more than adequate for even the most demanding B9 Build!

Ok, so what is the downside of Carbon Fiber? It takes a lot of work wet sanding to get it to finish nicely. I am not pulling any punches here. If you put the work in with wet sanding, bondo glazing, priming, and finally painting, you'll have a set of claws just like the ones in the pictures here on this page. The combination of materials I chose to create these lightweight set of claws have the strength everyone wanted in the B9 Robot Builders club.
Todd Mustachio and I created a Finishing & Painting guide that will help you transform the claw you receive into the beautiful ones you see at the top of the page. It is a lot of work, but well worth it. Download the manuals here from the link below and you can see the whole process.

I know you will love the end result - a spectacular set of High-Tech Carbon Fiber Lightweight B9 Robot Claws! Enjoy!


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