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David Schulpius - B9 Foundations

Email  dschulpius@gmail.com

Vendor since: 01/01/2016              

*International shipping available.
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"The Mike J" Functional Soil Sampler
"Assembled and sold by Dave Schulpius - B9 Foundations"

Price $390 + Shipping and Packaging
Sold Out - Sorry

Im proud and honored to make available the Mike J Functional Soil Sampler.

Its designed to duplicate the animated soil sampler used by the Robot in the first season episode, Island in the Sky. It fits perfectly into the tread sections I have been selling for the past few years. You can see them below. This unit has also been tested to fit into Norm Stockwells tread sections. Installation in other treadsections should be possible but may require user modification of the mounting hardware.

This unit was first designed and built by Mike Joyce. Mike is one of the founding fathers of the B9 Robot Builders Club and owner of B9 Creations. For years Mike installed this same unit in his commercially sold full sized B9 robots. Then after Mike closed the doors of the robot division of B9 Creations, Craig Reinbrecht built and provided a limited run of this Soil Sampler with parts left over that he had obtained from Mike.

Now... with both the blessing of Mike and Craig, B9 Foundations is once again building this precision made unit!

Another interesting side note - our very own Greg Logue who is also a B9 Robot Builders Club Vendor worked for B9 Creations back In the day and built these same Soil Samplers for Mike. You can find Greg's vendor page here: Greg's Vendor page

B9 Foundations is having the needed parts for this Soil Sampler made at the same metal manufacturing plant that has always produced these parts. The unit is constructed out of precision laser cut parts. All parts have been anodized for a professional finish that will not corrode. These units will be assembled by B9 Foundations with the same attention to quality that they always have been built by both B9 Creations and Craig Reinbrecht.

Cleck here for a full overviev of this part and installation instructions

*Prices do not include shipping.
*International shipping available.
*Email for shipping quote.

Click on each below for larger animated pictures



Steel Tread Section
"Molded plastic side panels "ARE NOT" included"

Price $1300 + Shipping

NOW Taking Names for 2023 Run!
Email to get on list (Revised 8/26/23)
Expect around a 3 month dilivery due to manufacturing ead time once order is placed with shop.

- Hinges, pins, C clips and knee plates included
- Rear fused AC switch and cord included
- Laser cut steel
- Designed using the Club Blueprints with correct wheel placement
- Bends made by CNC break
- Correct upper radius at tread openings
- Pre-hung soil sampler door
- Side panel mounting holes drilled and tapped 4-40
- Slotted upper center hole for idler wheel to adjust belt tension (idler wheel not included)
- Knee plate mounts with tapped holes
- Welds ground and very little finish work
- Universal mount holes predrilled on interior walls for motors,etc

*Prices do not include shipping. (This set will arrive in two 50lb boxes)
*International shipping available.
*Email for shipping quote.

Click on each below for larger pictures




Side Panels

Price: $60 + Shipping
Sold Out - Sorry

- Vacuum formed plastic side panels for the tread section.
- .118" thickness (that's pretty thick!)
- These do require trimming to fit your tread section.
- They will also need to be primed and sanded smooth if you are
not texturing. Made from the Club Standard blueprints specs.







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