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Charlie Garcia

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Vendor since: Aug 31st, 2016              

The NEW Data Plate by Charlie
Price: $34.95 (plus shipping and handling)

"Add an Official B9 Environmental Robot Data Plate to your Robot !"

Sample Data Plate showing individualized Model and Serial Numbers.
"Click on above picture for larger view"

Data Plate with 4mm Font showing number of characters possible per space.
"Click on above picture for larger view"

This professionally photo printed plate is hand embossed which will truly Identify and individualize your Robot from any other on the Planet !
- Your personalized information is individually "hand stamped" on each Data Plate.
- These are 2" by 3" and 0.20 thick Aluminum Plates.
- Font sizes available 4mm (A 2.5mm and a 3mm size will be available after Oct 15, 2016.)
- Sample pictures show 4mm font and approximate number of characters.
- The Data Plates can be easily mounted to your Robots Tread Section either temporarily or permanently.
- To mount the Data Plates you can use double-sides tape for a clean slick look since holes have omitted or you can drill 4 holes and    mount with screws or rivets.
- Hardware NOT included.

Contact me directly for more details or to order
Email  Charlie's BatCave

Shipping available Worldwide.
Customers outside the continental U.S. should contact me directly for shipping charges.
All Customs and Duty charges are the responsibility of the Buyer.


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