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Steve Gann


Here's what they're saying...


01/17/2012 - Legs
Legs arrived and I am very, very pleased. You did an excellent job. Very professional. I can see now my design would never have worked b/c there is no compression of the piping and thus it's far too tall. I'd say at least 6 to 8 inches higher than it should be.
Daniel A. B9-0613

08/17/2009 - 2nd/3rd Season Legs
Part Quality - 5
Value - 5
Delivery Time - 5
Communication - 5
Overall Ranking - 5
Steve is a really nice guy and easy to work with Really enjoyed dealing with him.
Cary B

01/27/2005 - 1st Season Legs
Part Quality - 5
Value - 5
Delivery Time - 5
Communication - 5
Overall Ranking - 5
Very strong, a well thought out design.  My robot looks like it walked out of the first LIS episode which is an awesome thing.
Jon L. B9-0114

07/25/2004 - Legs
I received Steve's B9 leg and knee assembly today.  What can I say, it's great!  Solid wood, bolted together with foam and a nice silver knee section.  It's also very strong! (You can stand on top of it, no problem). If you looking for an affordable set of 1st season B9 legs, check Steve's product out, it's amazing and well crafted, and you are sure to be happy with it.   Also, kudos to Steve for great, great, great customer service!!
Thanks, Steve!
Dave D. B9-0221

03/04/2004 - Legs
My first leg section was so terrific, that I bought a second set.  They are just as FANTASTIC as the first!!! Steve has really captured the look of the first season robot.  The foam covered legs look EXTREMLEY REALISTIC!   "A plus" all the way, from customer service to his workmanship!!!
Paul B9-0170

09/02/2003 - Legs
Hi Gang
Just wanted to let you all know that i recieved Steve Gann's legs section they are GREAT ! Anyone looking for Leg section get Steves. He is now a new vendor ! Thanks Steve for your GREAT WORK !!!!

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