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Matt P. (B9-0689)


In April, 2016 the B9 Robot Builders Club lost one of our fellow builders, Matt P. to a Brain Aneurysm. It was a shock when we learned the news through a trusted member. It left us stunned, sad and feeling our own mortality. Our hearts, lots of prayers and many condolences were immediately sent to his family. To lose a loved one who was so alive, talented and young so suddenly is unimaginable and so tragic.

While Matts family and close friends had a lifetime to get to know and love him, members of this builders club only had a few short months. He had introduced himself just a short few months before we lost him. In those few months he amazed and dazzled us with his skills and imagination. We all quickly connected and bonded when he started sharing his amazing scratch built methods of building his B9 robot. What was more amazing was how fast he was able to build such a quality robot from the ground up. The connection we shared with Matt was the passion for building and the drive to make our dreams come true with our own hands. Matt will always be with us in our hearts because of this bond.

Below is a selection of the pictures and videos Matt shared with the club over the few short months we knew him. I think youll be as amazed with his skills and progress as we were. Please page down through them and enjoy.

Matt's Leg Section

Home Made Side Panels

Getting ready for the first stack up.

Looks like he has the arm holes marked and ready to cut in.

Classic Arm Holes. Very nice curves.

Arms and claws in place. Fits just right.

It's time to build the Torso Vents & Screens

Yes, That's Craig Reinbrecht's Programing bay in there. This is one of the few parts of the Robot Matt decided to buy ready made from one of our vendors.

In just a few days Matt bought the material, built a jig per club specs, cut the acrylic rod and formed them!
You can say he went Bananas on this part of the project! (Matt's own words!! LOL)

In the above video Matt shows us how he makes the collar ribs with his homemade jig.

Collar is done. What a work of art!

After more work building the Brain and Crown, Matt is now ready to put it all together.

Matt shows us how his new pseudo-neon looks in the above video

Catching some rays! Yes!

Finger Light Rods built and installed. Ready to wire up and light.

Let there be light!!
You'll notice another addition; The Bubble's bottom Plate and Sensor Ears.

Close up of the homemade scratch built sensor ears.

Matt scored a set of new arms. They really round out the look. He didn't like the old dryer vent look. I wouldn't expect anything less from him.

The Claw video!

Matt's robot sings us a song in sync with the neon

The video above is a real treat. Watch the moves this robot can do. Real smooth!

Sadly the picture below of his robot's torso was the last bit of work Matt shared with the club. He was very proud of the work he had just completed on the neon trim. Rightly so. It took him a long time to do and was very difficult. It looks very professional and clean. It shows the level of craftsmanship he must have worked hard to attain.

Below are some pictures and videos that Matt shared with the club of related projects including a earlier version of a B9 costume!

Just for fun Matt built two collars. He turned one into a lamp shade!

Matt's first B9 Costume. Looks like something Tim Burton would think up!

In the above video Matt is playing tennis in his B9 costume! What a imagination. What fun!

Matt's RC Enterprise. NCC-1701-Amazing

Well, sadly that's all we have left from Matt. We're profoundly touched and honored that he choose our beloved B9 Robot as one of his last projects. We'll just let him play his own exit out of here with a creation of his own making. How fitting! We'll miss you Matt......

In the above video Matt is playing an electric guitar he built from scrap he had left after he tore the roof off his house to replace it! Ya! The Roof Ax!


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