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Links to Club Member Web Sites


Note: These links lead off site. The B9 Robot Builders Club is not responsible for their content.  If you would like to make corrections or additions to this list please email me!


B9 Robot Club - Member Web Sites

B9-0002 Mike J. B9Creations B9Helpers B9Creations-(old site)
B9-0007 Frederick H. The Berkeley Robot Project
B9-0017 Bob G. Bob's Lost in Space B9 Robot Project
B9-0038 Bill K. Bill K's Lost in Space Robot
B9-0040 Norman S. Scifi Metropolis
B9-0125 Mark T. B9Robot.com
B9-0181 Micheal L. Mike's Handbuilt B9 Robot
B9-0230 Sam C. Sam's B9 Robot
B9-0243 Lyle E. The B9-0243 Robot Project
B9-0259 Charlie G. United Robot Alliance
B9-0298 Chris P. Screen Fabrication Jupiter 2 Project Lost in Space Blueprints
B9-0381 Jerry C. Jerry's B9 Blog
B9-0480 William W. B9-Project
B9-0617 Dave S. B9 Robot Build from Lost In Space Dave's Synthiam B9 Project Another Full Sized Lost In Space B9 Robot coming to life
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