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Rubber Leg Support #2


By Roy & Dwight Blair


Here's another way of building a support for the rubber legs without welding. The entire robot stands on a 3/4" thick wood base that is 34" X 34" .

Four 4" ABS pipe couplings with the sides cut to fit inside the treadsection are bolted to the base and 4" ABS pipes are bolted to the couplings.

The treadsections fit over the ABS setup.

Knees and upper knee plates are bolted down.

A sub-waisteplate cut down the middle for ease of installation into the first rib of the legs has four more couplings attached.

This fits on top of the ABS pipes (shown without legs).

The sub-waistplate, regular waistplate and donut are all fastened together sandwiching the top flange of the legs between the sub-waistplate and the regular waistplate

This setup fits on top of the ABS pipes.

Base can be "landscaped" with model railroad scenery.

This also provides a steady base in case your Robot is going to be standing on carpet. 


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