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Rubber Leg Support #1


By Dewey H. 
Design and Welding by Scott Sanderson

Note: This is just one method to make a leg support system for the latex rubber legs. Other methods can be just as effective.

An additional section of steel is welded to the steel knee plates for strength and attachment of the steel rods. Square steel rod stock is welded to the knee plates with flat steel stock added to the sides for more strength. Bolts are welded into the hollow square stock.

The waistplate is drilled to match the support bolts.

Holes are also drilled in the bottom of the fiberglass donut to accomodate bolts.

The rubber legs are slipped over the support system and holes drilled to match the bolts. The front and back flanges (that match knee plate hole) are cut off leaving just the side flanges to fall into knee opening.

The waistplate and donut are secured with large handle nuts. Once tightened the entire section becomes very strong and rigid and can support the rest of the robot. The knee hinges will slip inside the knee plates and the fiberglass knees will support the legs without additional attachment. 

The inside of the leg support system has plenty of room to be used as a costume and is very sturdy. The center portion of the fiberglass donut was cut out for use as a costume.


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