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Bubble Lifter Support


Keeping Your Head On Straight

By Dave Painter

As with all things B9, there's more than one way to fasten the head to the radar section. Here's how I did it. Note that this technique does not allow the head to move up and down, but rather fastens it to the radar section at a fixed height.

Lets begin with the overview. The head assembly is complete. The radar section is nearly complete (once again, please ignore the radar ears and the funky red sensor, they have been replaced since these photos were taken). I added a few additional inner support pieces added to enhance the collapsed look. The Collar is also done but you could do this step without it. It's just a little bit easier having the radar attached to the collar due to the heaviness of the head.

I attached a 1 1/2" PVC end cap to the base of the neck flange using flat head machine screws. Note that I've drilled 2 additional holes, 1 for the vertical axle used to spin the crown and turn the cam that lifts the rods, and a 2nd to run the electrical for the lights in the brain. Also note that I used a coupling here. There is no real advantage in using this coupling, I just wanted the assembly to be somewhat modular.

Now, using some 1 1/2" PVC (schedule 40) I created the inner neck support and put another end cap on the lower end. The lower cap requires the same 2 holes as the upper. I chose not to glue any of these PVC components. I like being able to dismantle things should they require a bit of maintenance. It looks alot like a pipe bomb.

The hole in the upper radar section is just the right size to accept the PVC end cap. You'll want to check the PVC dimensions, and the size of the hole in the radar section. Different manufacturers of end caps may have different outside diameters. I wound up sanding some material off of the end cap. Once the inner PVC neck is together, test the fit and then get the bubble lifter ready.

The Bubble lifter is made from silicone rubber and can be enhanced by placing additional pieces of plastic inside. Each inner plastic piece has a hole cut into it, so that when it sits over the inner neck support, it will slide freely. I made the inside holes in the top 2 or 3 inner plastic pieces a bit small so that they would fit tightly against the outside of the upper PVC end cap. Doing so allowed the bubble lifter to stay in place without the need for attaching it to the neck or lower bubble plate.

Slide the bubble lifter into place.

Stick the neck into the radar section, and your done.


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