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Leg Knee Support


By Scott Sanderson


Brackets welded to treadsection that attach to leg supports.

Four holes drill and tapped for bolts. Leg supports attach to treadsection using four bolts.

Knee bolted onto treadsection.  Notice top of hinge floats behind side of knee plate.

Close-up of countersunk screw attaching knee plate to knee shown in second picture.  This gets covered up by the legs.

Leg support removed.

Leg bottom has flange to fit kneeplate opening.

Subwaist plate being installed.  Hinged it to minimize stretching of legs and minimize possible damage.

Subwaist plate installed.  Notice handles used to lift legs into place on subwaist plate.

Legs installed.  Notice three blocks used to center the waist plate/donut assembly.

Inside of legs once installed.  This is where the subwoofer mounts.

Donut installed.

Close-up of soil sampling door in closed position.

Close-up of soil sampling door in open position.

Close-up of sidepanel and mounting screw.


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