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Off the shelf items for the Robot


Useful items that are not specific to the Robot.  These may be available from other sources as well.  Please Contact Me if you find a better source than listed here!


Useful Links for robot parts & building resources
     Here's a growing list of links to great websites with parts for sale and resource infromation

Ear Post Motor - With a little adjusting these may be able to fit into the ear posts and rotate the sensor dishes.
     Precision Microdrives
- Nano Planetary 6mm DC Gearmotor - 21mm Type
     Micro Mini 8mm Coreless Planetary Gearbox Gear Motor DC3V~5V 36RPM - This is an eBay page and may change over time.
     GM12-N20 - N20 DC Gear Motor Miniature High Torque Electric Gear Box Motor

Crown Motor - Used to turn the crown and the finger light cam.
- Model 3440 7R 12v or 3v

Bubble Lifter Boot - An off the shelf option.
     McMaster Carr
- Part part # 9744K3

Radar Lazy Susan - Connects the Collar to the Radar and allows the head section to turn.
     Lee Valley
- Part numbers & ordering info.
- Part numbers & ordering info.

Neon Power Supply & Sound Interface - Powers the neon and flashes in sync with voice.
     Tech 22
- Model 8000, 12V unit & music interface.

The 12 small Belly Lights - Sockets, bulbs & lens.
     Allied Electronics
- Part numbers & ordering info.

Torso Lazy Susans - Connects the Torso to the Donut and allows the torso to rotate.
     Lee Valley
- Part numbers & ordering info.
- Part numbers & ordering info.

StrongArm Struts, Gas Charged Lift Supports - Chart showing most available sizes and strengths of Lift Supports.
Most can be found on Amazon.com or eBay as of 5/10/15.
SrtongArm Gas Strut Chart

Led replacements for the Chest Dialights 1142 LED Bulb - 15 LED Forward Firing Cluster - BA15D Retrofit
1142 LED Bulb (Fits the Chest Dialight Sockets just right)


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