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Robby Hall

Email  oceanartscasino@yahoo.com

Vendor since: September 7th, 2009              

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Power Pack Small End Connector

Price: $7.95

This part is an NOS electronic component 5 position test connector. The part has recessed brass connection sockets and bright silvered solder tails encased in an insulating phenolic plastic material of correct original matching green color.

Whether building your own Powerpack from scratch or modifying an existing replica or kit, this real 5pos test point connector will add authentic detail and function if wired up to carry a current, adding 5 terminal points that can be wired to whatever you like in your robot via the Powerpack. A neat replacement for the big pc plug on the treadsection, or another connection, buy 2 with combined shipping and experiment!

Optionally, builders can further detail the connector if desired to make an exact replica Viking small end connector, by carefully sawing off the lower portion even with the bottom of the protruding side plug. Use of a jewelers type thin blade x-acto razor saw is recommended. To do this you would carefully saw halfway through each side stopping just at or before the solder tail pins, then carefully scribe out the remaining material with a pen knife and clean up with small micro file or fine sandpaper. The area that is cut is the same as will face the circuit board so only the edges will ever be visible. The part will fit as is so this detail is optional for someone with reasonable model building skills. I will supply extra detailing instructions with illustrations along with the part. If running any kind of current through the connector I would keep it at 12volts or less. A trickle charger for batteries or a unique USB port replacement for instance.

Use of this part is at the sole discretion of the buyer, I cannot in any way be held responsible for any injury or damage you may incur while cutting, filing, sanding, soldering or applying any electrical current to this or any part connected to this or any part on your project. The instructions I will supply do not include any wiring schematics, only drawings and reference for cutting/trimming to match a Viking connector will be supplied.
If you cut through the solder tail pins it's not my fault so take your time and be careful!

This authentic small end connector is the perfect compliment to your B9 robot's powerpack. Bill K's awesome replica powerpack is shown for comparison only.
(more info about the complete powerpack available from Bill K. at: http://www.b9rbc.com/pub/parts/B90038/index.html)

Thanks and good luck with your B9 project!

Power Pack 5 Position Test Connector (small end connector)
Instruction sheet included.....$7.95










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