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Tom Wisnionski - Wizzes Workshop

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Vendor since: July 21st, 2003         

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LED Brain Light Kit

Price: $125

Normally 6 to 12 vdc bulbs have been used in the robots brain assembly. This has been working fine, but there are a few issues with doing that. Heat being the biggest, as some of us have plastic brains they are subject to melting if the lamps generate too much heat. To make matters worse, the clear bubble just traps the heat in. Also, when a bulb burns out, it is quite difficult to disassemble the head to gain access to the brain for repair. This LED board set is made up of 3 PCBs with 32 high intensity LEDs. These lamp types generate very little heat, and do no burn out anywhere near as fast as a typical lamp would. Plus they draw less current, and that means longer battery life.
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Light Controller

Price: $85

This flashes the lamps on your robot with various effects. Power down/up, Scan and chase plus each effect has a high/low speed setting. There is also brain mode to use this same controller for the brain, where two lamps become the 'eyes'. Has Chase Mode, Fast Chase, Slow Normal, Fast Normal ,Slow Power Down Fast Power Down Slow, Scan Fast, Scan Slow, Scan 2 Fast, Scan 2 Slow.
Purchase this online at my web site!




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