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Craig Reinbrecht

Email  craig@bex.net

Vendor since: July 7th, 2003              


PLEASE READ - Notice to my fellow Builders

Email communications:

Due to my job and family responsibilities, I may not be able to check my email everyday, so please be patient. I do answer all mail, even if it takes several days.

Lead time for some parts:

Some parts may require a wait of up to 3 to 8 weeks, particularly labor-intensive parts such as the Neon. However, I do not accept or request any payment until all parts are ready to ship.


  • Shipping and Handling is extra and will be added to each order.
  • Shipping is included in the price of , even Internationally.
  • Shipping is typically USPS Priority or UPS Ground, however some smaller items by be shipped First Class.


  • I do not accept any payment until parts are ready to ship.
  • Checks and Money Orders are my preferred method of payment.
  • I will accept PayPal, however if you choose to use PayPal, you agree to cover the fees on orders of $100 or more.


  • Please understand that all sales are final.
  • In purchasing any of the items below, you are agreeing that I (Craig R.) am in no way held responsible for personal harm or any damages due to the use or misuse of purchased merchandise.
  • By placing an order, you are agreeing to all of the above.



Index of Craig's Quality B9 Robot Parts
(Click on part name to take you to it's location)


V2 Hand-laid Fiberglass Torso

Temporarily Unavailable

This is the most accurate torso that has ever been available to the club! These torsos are crisp, clean and true to the original Hero Robot. Manufactured by a premier fiberglass shop that specializes in Corvette parts, these are also the highest quality hand-laid fiberglass robot parts ever offered. A high quality casting means these parts will take a minimum amount of work to finish up. A very uniform thickness will also make mounting the detailed torso parts much easier.

Please Note: The v2 Torso is slightly smaller in size than previous club torsos, so there are a few parts that also need to be v2 sized.

See my article on critical parts for the v2 Torso

Cutting Templates:


V2 Hand-laid Fiberglass Donut

Temporarily Unavailable

"The donut is designed to fit perfectly the v2 Torso above, and has a recess to fit the 17.5" Rockler lazy susan." Please note: This donut will not fit previous club (v1) Torso's.



 V2 Torso with All Holes Cut!

Temporarily Unavailable

This is the v2 Torso with all the Holes beautifully and professionally cutout by the masters at the fiberglass shop. The Arm and Chest panel holes are completely finished and ready to go! All you will need to do is some final sanding in the Neon and Vent holes to finish those to your liking, and this torso will be nearly finished!

Note: The arm holes are cut to 5-3/4" Diameter, perfectly sized for Will Huff's silicone rubber Arms.





The V2.0 Torso and Donut Package

Temporarily Unavailable


V2 Torso with All Holes Cut!
plus Donut Package

$2189.00 (plus shipping and handling)




Lightweight Fiberglass Wrists (only 10 oz. each!)

Temporarily Unavailable

These very lightweight wrists (only about 10 oz. each!) are a must if you are animating your robot or making a costume where weight is critical. Wrists come as pictured. Please Note, Rod R. & Bill K. are currently developing lightweight Wrist Centers and Claws to work with these fiberglass wrists! Coming Soon!





Acrylic Rod Torso Vents

As of now (10/1/2019) I will no longer be offering Acrylic Rod Torso Vents.

Good news however! The club has a new vendor, Andre Svacha. Andre will provide builders with these vents and other parts. These parts will be made to the same higest quality that I have offered these past years. Please click on the link below to take you to Andre's vendor page where he sells these vents and other club approved parts:





Aluminum Vent Screening

Price: $38

A set of three pieces of expanded aluminum screening for the side and rear vents, as seen in the original robot (2nd/3rd season).  Each piece is 9.5" x 7.5" which is large enough to cover the inside of any vent opening on any torso.  The expanded aluminum is very sturdy, but it can be bent by hand into a curve to fit nicely behind your vents.  Please note, prices listed are for a set of THREE pieces.  
Click on image for more detailed photos





New Laser Cut Stainless Steel Programming Bay Kit

Price: $46

Introducing the new Laser Cut Stainless Steel Programming Bay Kit!  These panels use a tab and slot design and are easy to bend and assemble.  The SSPB Kit comes with the bottom lip and top two attachment tabs already pre bent, and the rest you can be bent by hand.

Improved Design: This version of the Programming Bay incorporates some nifty new design changes to make attaching the lower aluminum channel much easier than previous versions.  In fact, if you buy a set of Curved Channel Rails (see details below), the attachment holes and hardware will be included for FREE!

The Beauty of Stainless Steel: You don’t even need to paint it! Leave the natural finish for a great look to your Programming Bay.
As with my previous versions, this Stainless Steel Programming Bay is based on my Programming Panel Diagram on the club web site.

As delivered        Assembly        Finished! 

Front Vent in place - 1   Front Vent in place - 2



The Programming Bay Finishing Kit

Price: $42

Here at long last! The part many have been waiting for... The Programming Bay Finishing Kit!  This kit will include ALL the detailed parts required to finish off your programming Bay.  The kit includes:

* The 3 Labels (INC, AB, DEC) with Application Instructions
* The 3 toggles switches
* 1" washer for the upper switch
* Light Socket (bayonet style)
* 12V Lamp for light socket
* Opaque Yellow Dome Lens Cover for light
* 3" Authentic Reel Tape
* Brass Hub for Tape
* Two Fuse Holder Clips WITH screws
* Reproduction Potentiometer (Built-in bolt and nut for easy installation! Will require painting.)

Your Finished Programming Bay will look like:  



Programming Bay

Curved Channel Rails

Price: $26

Create a very nice sliding front vent system with the lower (aluminum) and upper (PVC) Curved Channel Rails.  These rails are designed to fit perfectly on the new Stainless Steel Programming Bay to create a very smooth sliding front vent. 

Attachment holes and hardware are included FREE for one set of Rails, when a Programming Bay Kit is purchased!

Also use these Curved Rails to create sliding side and rear vents!  Or use with your own Programming Panel.
Stainless Steel Prog. Bay with Channel Rails
Channel-1 Channel-2 Channel-3 Movie of Channel (MPG)

Curved Channel Rail Pricing:
One Set $26
Two Sets $42
Three Sets $56
Four Sets $68

Attachment holes and hardware are included FREE for one set of Rails, when a Programming Bay is purchased!

Attach-1 Attach-2 Attach-3



Programming Bay
Combination Package

Please Note: The following Packages are “Kits” that will require assembly and some minor finish work. None come completely assembled.


New Laser Cut Stainless Steel Programming Bay “Kit” - Price: $46

Programming Bay + One Set of Curved Channel Rails - Price: $70

Programming Bay + Programming Bay Finishing Kit - Price: $86

Programming Bay Package: Price $111
- Programming Bay
- 1 Set of Curved Channel Rails
- Programming Bay Finishing Kit
Note: Compatible Vents can be purchased from Andre Svacha's Vendor Page

Complete Lower Torso Package: Price: $148
- Programming Bay
- 1 Set of Curved Channel Rails (with pre-drilled holes and screws for PB)
- Programming Bay Finishing Kit
- Set of 3 Aluminum Vent Screens
Note: Compatible Vents can be purchased from Andre Svacha's Vendor Page

Deluxe Lower Torso Package with Side/Rear Rails: Price:  $188
- Programming Bay
- 4 Sets of Curved Channel Rails (1 Set with pre-drilled holes and screws for PB)
- Programming Bay Finishing Kit
- Set of 3 Aluminum Vent Screens
Note: Compatible Vents can be purchased from Andre Svacha's Vendor Page



Deluxe 12-Row NEON


The Neon is one of the coolest features of our Robots! A real flashing Neon in person is simply mesmerizing and will have people in awe! Don't be intimidated. The club has great information available to help you get your neon installed properly and syncing to the Robot's voice.

(Click on above pictures for larger views)

This Deluxe 12-Row Neon is the very highest quality authentic looking Robot neon available. My design uses 12 rows of 10mm tubing (plus the two loops at the top) to exactly match the Hero Robot as seen for most of the series. This neon comes in two sections; The top portion is curved to fit the torso for a nice flush fit and is all one piece, whereas the bottom section is a complex two-piece interlocking design, preassembled for easy installation.

This robot neon is created by a talented neon artisan in Toledo, Ohio. Please understand that these neon sets are handmade, and may include some minor variations, but this is no different from the original. I do ensure each set of neon conforms to my strict standards for quality before it gets shipped.

With the Deluxe Neon, I do a great deal of work preparing it after it comes from the neon shop before shipping it out. I glue bits of acrylic rod to the sides of the neon which makes it MUCH less fragile than the raw sets that come from the shop, and I ensure the row spacing is aligned perfectly. I also add blackout paint to the sides to give it a neat and finished look.

Please note, because my work situation has improved considerably, wait times will only be from about 1 to 8 weeks, and it may often be in stock! No more long waits for Neon!


Important NOTES for the Deluxe 12-Row NEON:

NOTE 1: To make your neon flash to Robot sound files, I highly recommend Steve Neals Neon-Voice interface board over the Tech 22 music interface. Steves board is optimized for our Robot Neon and syncs perfectly. Both units require the 8KV neon Transformer and Zenor diodes fromTech22.
* Want to use Steve Neals Interface Board? You can find it here: Steve Neal's Vendor Page
* Want to use Tech22? See my Tech 22 wiring article

NOTE 2: I highly recommend David Hubers Neon Backplate. I collaborated with David on this excellent part and it is the most authentic looking and highest quality Neon Backplate available. It will work with a v1 or v2 torso.
* Want to use David Hubers Neon Backplate? You can find it here: David Huber's Vendor Page

NOTE 3: Neon is fragile and I insure it is packed extremely well. I guarantee it gets to you intact, however after that there is no guarantee against breaking and mishandling.


12 Row Neon How To assemble Video

Below is an instructional videos that will help you assemble, wire and mount your neon on a backplate and then into your robot


Neon Assembly Instruction by David Schulpius



Laser Cut Anodized Aluminum Chest Bezel

In Stock Now!

Price: $36

1/8" thick Laser Cut Anodized Aluminum Bezel styled after the 2nd/3rd season robot, completely finished requiring NO finishing work.   Also includes the two flat-head machine screws.

Get a Bezel and Button kit for only $60!! See the Package Prices with Button Kit and Button Backer below.

Laser Engraved Acrylic Chest Button Kit
( only available in kit form )

In Stock Now!

Price: $30 (Kit)

These are my NEW style matching colored acrylic buttons for the Laser Cut Anodized Aluminum Bezel, in a kit form. I created the font myself to match the original buttons exactly. The button tops are made of clear acrylic, and the flange pieces are made from translucent colored acrylic which gives the buttons their very vivid colors. This new style of buttons with colored flanges insures there is no white light seepage from around the buttons.

The kit requires that you glue (solvent weld or Gorilla double sided tape) the clear buttons to the translucent colored flange pieces, and paint the engraved text black with acrylic paint available at any craft store. Gloss Black acrylic paint is recommended. (see the how-to videos below)

New! Also available at the same price are CLEAR buttons with translucent white flange pieces for that 1st Season look!



Button Kit Assembly and Finishing How To Videos

Below please find instructional videos that will help you assemble this kit


Button Assembly Instruction by Craig Reinbrecht
(Using Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape)


Button Assembly Instruction by David Schulpius
(Using Gorilla Tough & Clear Mounting Tape)


Button Painting Instruction by David Schulpius
(Using Gloss Black ACRYLIC paint)


Button Frosting Instruction by David Schulpius
(OPTIONAL Step... personal preference)


Final Assembly of Buttons, Bezel, Backer and Lightbox By David Schulpius
(Method if you are NOT going to use real working switches)


Get a Bezel and Button kit for only $60!!   See the Package Prices with Bezel and Button Backer below.



Opaque Acrylic Button Backer

Price: $20

This is a curved opaque acrylic backer used to hold the chest buttons firmly in place. It will work great with my Laser Cut Aluminum Bezel and Buttons, and Light Box (new!) It should also work great with other bezels and buttons. The Button Backer is designed to install on the inside of the torso, and the pre drilled mounting holes making it a snap to install with my Laser Cut Bezel (other bezels may require drilling). The Acrylic Button Backer will also work great in conjunction with my NEW Stainless Steel Light Box!



*NEW* Stainless Steel LED Light Box for Chest Buttons

Price: $44

Introducing my all new LED Light Box to illuminate the acrylic chest buttons! It is designed to easily mount behind my Aluminum Bezel and Button Backer. It comes with cool running, low power, bright LED lights already installed for very easy installation.

My latest design ships "unfolded" , requiring some very light and easy final assembly (see video below). Once assembled and installed, all you have to do is connect the LED power wires to +12VDC and Ground, and you are good to go!


Above is a "How To" video on the best method folding of the Lightbox




Bezel / Button / Backer / Light Box Combination and Package Pricing: 

Laser Cut Aluminum Bezel + Acrylic Button Kit - Price:  $60

Laser Cut Aluminum Bezel + Acrylic Button Kit + Button Backer - Price:  $78

Laser Cut Aluminum Bezel + Button Kit + Button Backer + S.S. LED Light Box - Price:  $118



Cold Cast Aluminum Knob / Microphone
Torso Rings

Price: $22

I created some very authentic looking knob and microphone flange rings, and I offer these in cold cast aluminum. They are cast with high quality resin embedded with aluminum. Highly detailed and very strong! They can be attached with Bondo.

Set of two

Aluminum Rings in place-1
AAluminum Rings in place-2



The Torso Knob

$4 (only available with purchase of other parts)

Not a replica. This is a factory made knob like the one used on the original Hero Robot during most of the series.



Early 1st Season Torso knob (Quantities limited!)

$6 (only available with purchase of other parts)

Not a replica. This is a factory made knob like the one used on the original Hero Robot during most of the first season.



24V Dewert Gear Motor for Animation

No Longer Available

  • These are B9 Builders favorite motor for animating the hips, waste, and bubble lifter.
  • Powerful motor suitable for most animation.
  • Sorry but I do not know the gear ration on these


    Micromo Gearhead Crown Motor & Mounting Plate

    In Stock Now!

    This is a high quality Micromo 12V gearhead motor for turning the Crown and Light Rod cam. The mounting plate allows you to mount the motor in the aluminum Neck Bracket (or other Neck Brackets) and comes complete with noise damping rubber grommets. This motor turns at the optimal speed for our B9''s when fed by 6.7VDC.
    Also see my 6.7V Voltage Regular here.

    • Motor only: $23
    • Mounting Plate WITH rubber grommets: $12
    • Motor + Mounting Plate: $30
    • Motor + Mounting Plate + 6.7V Regulator KIT: $39
    • Motor + Mounting Plate + 6.7V Regulator BUILT: $48



    2.5V voltage regulators
    for Ear motors (or anything else)

    $10 (plus shipping & handling)

    • Converts 12VDC (or less) to 2.5VDC.
    • Perfect for Ear Sensor motors...
    • These can also be made to output almost any voltage between 2.5 and 12V by varying the size of resistor R2.
    • Comes as a kit as shown and must be soldered.

    2.5V voltage regulators
    for Ear motors (or anything else)

    $20 (plus shipping & handling)

    • Converts 12VDC (or less) to 2.5VDC.
    • Perfect for Ear Sensor motors...
    • ALREADY BUILT and ready to install in your Robot!


    6.7V voltage regulators
    for "above" Crown motors (or anything else)

    $10 (plus shipping & handling)

    • Converts 12VDC to 6.7VDC.
    • Perfect for Crown Motors... At 6.7 Volts, the Hankscaft or MicroMo motor runs at about 5rpm, perfect for the crown and light rods.
    • These can also be made to output almost any voltage between 2.5 and 12V by varying the size of resistor R2.
    • Comes as a kit as shown and must be soldered.

    Kit of Molex Connectors with pins
    (includes the M & F connectors and pins)

    $18 (plus shipping & handling)

    • .062 18-24AMG: (Qty 1) x6pins, (1) x5, (1) x3, (2) x2, (2) x1.
    • .093 18-22AWG: (3) x3, (3) x2, (1) x1.
    • 7.5mm 18AWG (Large): (Qty1) x3pins.
    • These can be made with no special tools other than small needle nose pliers.
    • Wrap the tabs around the wire and gently squeeze... then hit with a touch of solder for very sure connection.
    • Be sure to understand which male or female pins go in which side of the connector.

    Stereo 1/8" phono jack

    $1 (plus shipping & handling)

    • For sound input on back of treadsection, or anywhere else






    3.5mm (1/8 inch) Mini-Stereo Extension Cable

    $3 (plus shipping & handling)

    • (male-female), 10 ft long.



    20K Audio Taper volume pot

    $3 (plus shipping & handling)







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