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Craig Reinbrecht

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Vendor since: July 7th, 2003              

V2 B9 Torso Size

                                      by Craig Reinbrecht


The v2 Torso is slightly smaller than the old club standard torsos, but very few could tell the difference seeing them side by side.

Parts to be aware of:

Now to the differences and parts you need to be aware of...  and please understand that except for the parts I mention below... EVERY OTHER CLUB PART WILL FIT THE V2 TORSO.

COLLAR - Most Critical

* The upper "neck ring" on the torso is about 1/2" smaller in diameter than the old club standard torsos:

The V2 Collar = 16 -1/8" (16.125" or 40,75 cm)

The old club standard = 16 - 5/8" (16.625" or 42,23 cm)

Here is a rare picture of a v2 torso with an old club standard collar on top (just taken to see the difference)

  • This is where the collar mates with the torso, and if the collar does not fit that dimension, you will see it where the two parts meet.

  • You can barely see it in the picture, but the large collar does overhang the torso neck ring. This is why you really need a collar that is made for the v2 torso dimension.

  • There are currently several club members gearing up to make and sell v2 collars. These will also be the most accurate collars ever offered, thanks to some new and much more accurate reference material supplied by Fred Barton, Chris Pappas, the original FOX Blueprints, and my own research to consolidate all the new information.

DONUT - Next critical

  • The trim ring on the top of the donut needs to be exactly the same size as the trim ring on the bottom of the torso, or this will look bad. Again the v2 trim ring is about 1/2" smaller in diameter than the old club standard donuts.
  • This is not much of an issue because most people buy the torso and donut as a set and I offer the v2 donut.

RADAR SECTION - Not as critical

  • Yes, not as critical, but you probably would want a v2 sized radar. Because where the collar mates with the radar is not a sharp edge, there is some ley-way here.

  • Greg Logue currently sells a beautiful laser cut acrylic v2 radar kit, and Fred Barton's fiberglass radar is also v2 sized.

NEON BACKPLATE - Least critical

  • Because the overall dimensions of the v2 are slightly smaller, the old club standard Neon backplates may not fit as well as it could...

  • David Huber is now offering a new v2 Neon backplate!  I worked with David on this project and created the master plug, and insured it fit perfectly in the v2 torso. This is a beautiful backplate!

Now to answer a question posed by one club member... The v2 Torso will definitely not look funny with the treadsections and bubbles of old because the dimensions of those parts have been well established and very accurate. If anything, it should look better, but I doubt very many people could even tell the difference looking at the two side by side. In fact at Robocon 2013, my robot (old club standard torso) was setup close to Mike Joyce's Replica B9 with its v2 sized torso. Not many would have noticed a difference. Where the size differences come into play is where certain parts meet. If they are mis-sized with each other, that is when you will notice something looking funny.

I hope this helps clear up some misconceptions.



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