Silent Running - Drone Info
Overview of my CAD work  This picture shows the Drone from multiple views.

DimensionsThis picture has dimensions on it!

Download my CAD files (DXF format)  These are based on the known Dimensions of the light and my DVD screen captures.

The "Eye Light".  Thanks to scans from Mark Dowman , DVD captures I did, insight from my daughter (she nailed the lettering on the light) we now know the EXACT light used on the drones.  The light has the word "CARELLO" on the lens.  I researched this and discovered the original part number is 06.390.816  Through a stroke of VERY good luck I was able to purchase one of these lights from an import dealer.  The bad news is the lights have been out of production since the early 1980's.  The dimensions of the light are 5-1/2" x 2-7/8".  The exact shape of the cutout needed for this light is used in my dxf CAD file.

Other cool info.  The drone's body was created from vacu-formed plastic.  The arm was designed and created by Don Trumbull, Douglas Trumbull's father.  The arm used pneumatics and could be remote controlled.  James Dow & Paul Kraus also helped create the drones.  Three actors and one actress were used during filming to bring the drones to life.  The DVD was re-released on May 21st, 2002 and includes an extensive "making of" documentary.  You can order it from

Current work.

The Drone Room (Builder's Club)