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Thanks to everyone that has supported the club over the years!
Going forward, membership is FREE!

To join the club:
It is strongly suggested that you join both our "The Official B9 Robot Builders Club" Yahoo group & Email list and our new Facebook "The B9 Robot Builders Club" page. If you don't like one format please join the other. You should be able to find links at each site to send requests to join or just keep reading to find a direct link to our Admin who can assist you.
This is how you get connected with several hundred other B9 Builders who have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.
Joining both sites will literally save you time and money!
There are a lot of amazingly talented people in this club who love to share their knowledge and help other builders. Once you're signed up you're welcome to share your knowledge, ideas and suggestions also!

Join now!
Follow the links bellow if you'd like to join the B9 Robot Builders Club Yahoo email list or Facebook group and browse the many posts about building the Robot and being part of the community.
Yahoo Group: The Official B9 Robot Builders Club Email Group. (Click the "+ Join Group" button, and briefly explain why you would like to be a member. If you are already a member of our Facebook group, please mention it.)
Facebook: The B9 Builders Club. (Click the "+ Join Group" button, then answer honestly the two required questions. If you are already a member of the yahoo group, please mention it.)
Alternatively, send an email with subject line "Request to Join the Yahoo B9 Robot Builders Email List" or "Request to Join the Facebook B9 Builders Club" to: craig@bex.net and request Craig to sign you up for either group of both. Please briefly explain your interest in joining the club.


Do you want to be a registered and recognized member? If you desire you can request to have a Member Number assigned after you have joined either The Official B9 Robot Builders Club Email Group and/or the Facebook B9 Builders Club. Once you've joined just click on the below email link and send us a request. We'll get back to you within a few days with your very own number! We'll also list you on our "Who we Are" and "Where We Are" pages. You can find these pages here:
Who We Are - Members sorted by Member ID
Member Locations - Sorted by State or Country

Send your request for a Member Number to: dschulpius@gmail.com

Include the following information in your request:
Your name
The closest date you can get to that you joined either The Official B9 Robot Builders Club Email Group and/or the Facebook B9 Builders Club.
What city, state and country you live in
Please put the words: "Membership Number Request" in the subject line of your email request

We appreciate and thank you for your patience. We're real and busy people and not a B9 Robot. ;-) We will return your request within a day or so. If you don't hear back from us within a week please resend your request.



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