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Photos from past club events


Chicago Mini-Con 2004 - Illinois

Photos provided by TomW


The gang for the chicago show.


Sign so everyone knows where to go.. Neighbors didn't get it though !!


A light controller for up to 256 lights, two variable rates and a possible 250 different flash modes.


A motor controller prototype, allows for stop/fwd/reverse from the control of one wire. Controls both ear motors.

Mark Assembling the lower section explaining the process.


Down looking shot of lower section.


Mark getting ready to connect the neon section, it was removed for saftey during travel.


Inside shot of Marks torso, dual light controller hookup.


Bungie to hold both claws in. Quite simple and effective.


Wider shot of bungie.


Left speaker, both speakers are mounted on the grills, and then hindged so you can gain access to the wires to assemble it.

Rear bay housing car CD player.Clever.


Another angle of dual light controllers.


Neon now in, getting ready to mount on legs.


Power Pack 1, this is an older one. It does not have a real pcb.

Wider shot of Power Pack

Bubble head put on..


All assembled and powered up for it debut...


Mark getting ready to flip the power switch... Cross your fingers...


Chris was inspired by marks leg section. Here he working on removing a double layer of insulation.

Chris's parts that he has aquired. He has a very nice radar casting that he made.


Chris legs all cleaned up.. Looking good..


Chris's toros and budget arm pipe. Great idea.


Another Shot


S ome goodies that Mark brought, templates for the rear bay, Movies, a newer Power Pack with real pcb.


Another Group shot.


TomW with Mark's Robot


Drive motors for treadsection.


Something for the kids to play with while the gang plays with the big one.


Closeup of Marks new power pack.. Very nice. Lorenzo's brain in background.


Wide shot of Core Controller (Transmitter) and Receiver with MP3 player and IO board connected to development setup.


Pile of parts that will one day become Toms bot !


Closeup of core controller. This allows for mobile control of the bot. Drive him, activate functions, Play audio.. Can also connect to a laptop to allow it to transmitt to the bot. Joystick drives him.




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