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Photos from past club events



Starfest RoboCon - 2011

Here's the gang!

Click the above photo for a larger version!

Standing Back Row (L-R): Lynelle Philips-R, Mike Joyce, Craig Reinbrecht's Robot, Craig Reinbrecht, Charlie Garcia's Robot, Guy Vardaman, Greg Logue's Robot, Greg Logue, Mike Handley, R2 Club Member
Middle Row (L-R): Bob Griener, R2/501st Club Member, Jerry Chevaliar, Charlie Garcia, Bob Ross, Azman Sugi-R2 Club, Lew Place, R2 Club Member
Front Row (L-R): R2 Club Member, B9 Club Member, Bill Hedges



Morena Baccarin- Morena heard about all the Robots and Droids and took a few minutes during a break and stopped in the room.
She posed with CraigR and his Robot while there. She was in the Firefly series


Moon Hopper- This is the Next Giant Leap's Moon Hopper that Mike J brought to the show


Roy B getting into Craig R's Robot. This is the very first time.
We were telling Roy; "You can do it! It will be fun!" He was saying back; "Charlie, I don't want to do this!"
Craig jokingly told Roy,"Come on, get in or I will stuff you in"!
Roy got in and now Roy looks forward to being in the Robot when even he can.
This year (2017) was a record as he was in for about 1 hour and 40 minutes.


Roy B is now finally in Craig R's Robot. No turning back now!
Mike J and Craig R putting on the Robot's head.
Jerry C is supervising and making sure all goes well.


Craig R's Robot after being set-up and running the I-B9 Voice software.


Bill H standing with Craig's Robot


Two Cylons meet Craig's Robot


Two Cylons meet Craig's Robot


Fans checking out the Robots and Droids


(L-R) Craig R wrangling the crowd and the Robots while Mike J runs the voice software


(L-R) Greg L's B9, Craig R's B9 and Guy Vardaman


(L-R) Fans looking Greg L's B9 and Craig R's B9


(L-R) Greg L's B9, Greg L, Mike J, Craig R and Craig R's B9


(L-R) Greg L's B9 and Craig R's B9


(L-R) Bill H and Jerry Chevalier discussing something interesting.
Probably trying to figure out how to boil the Space Carb for tonight's club dinner at Charlie's house.


This little Girl brought her 24" Treadmasters B9 for pictures with Charlie G's B9.
After seeing the big Robot she didn't want her little one anymore.


B9 and Space Crab
This is the Lost IN Space TV Show Crab Robot with Charlie G's B9


Gonk Droid and Mouse Droid from Star Wars


The Norse God Thor and his Wife stopped by.
We were not worthy to lift his hammer!


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